AARP March Meeting…Paul Levine and Nancy Tepperman

Our speaker for our March 16 meeting will be Joe Deviney.  He will present an overview of the departments and divisions within the Santa Clara County Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) – an interesting agency with 17 divisions.

Joe was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences by California State University at Hayward.  He started his agricultural career with Contra Costa County as a pest detection/noxious weed specialist.  Previously, he was an Agricultural Biologist and worked in all programs of the Commissioner’s office including pest prevention, invasive species eradication projects, and plant pest quarantines.  During this time, Joe spent five years in Brentwood, CA, the agricultural core of Contra Costa County where he gained experience and knowledge in the field of pesticide regulation and production agriculture.  He has been the Agricultural Commissioner & Sealer of Weights and Measures for Santa Clara County since 2012.