Brain Health

Experts recommend exercise for the brain

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), an independent collaborative of scientists, physicians, scholars and policy experts convened by AARP to provide the best thinking on brain health for older adults, has issued recommendations around exercise and brain health, including:

Get 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.

Incorporate strength training two or more times a week.

Lead a physically active lifestyle.

To stay motivated, consider exercising with other people.

Meeting Reminders

November 15, 2016

Room Q80

10:00 a.m. Social Time 9:30 a.m.

Please bring books to share. Leave clean clothing and bedding and canned food for Sacred Heart on the bench outside. Please do not bring garage sale type items for Sacred Heart. Put new and used greeting cards in the box on the troop table. Bring your items for the GI’s into the meeting area.

Lunch after meeting:

Effie’s Restaurant,

331 Hacienda Ave, Campbell 374 3400

Program: Sal Pizarro, Mercury News Columnist

“The Future of Print Media in the 21st Century”

November Program – Sal Pizarro

Program…Ken Schieck  Sal Pizarro, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News will be our featured speaker on Nov. 15. Sal has written the ‘Around the Town’ column for the Merc since 2005. His column covers the people and events surrounding the cultural scene in Silicon Valley. In addition, he writes ‘Cocktail Chronicles’, a feature column on Silicon Valley bars and nightclubs. In his recent columns, he has highlighted ‘This is San Jose’, a collection of about 50 portraits of the San Jose experience that are on display at City Hall. He also noted the introduction of ‘Greeter Robots’ at the San Jose Airport. Sal’s topic at our meeting will be ‘The Future of Print Media in the 21st Century.’


Chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at: Campbell Community Center, 1 W. Campbell Avenue, Room Q80 in Campbell (corner of Winchester Blvd. and Campbell Avenue) except December. Social time begins at 9:30 am.

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Campbell Graffiti Hot Line 866-2191 Medicare Recipient Quality Help Line 1-800-841-1602

Cyber Security–I’ve been hacked!…Rick Loek

Earlier this year I did a presentation at our Campbell AARP chapter. The presentation was fun for everyone and there was useful knowledge shared. Many people were not in the room that could use the information. I have written about protecting your online information, including passwords. In my preparation for presenting at AARP I attended several cyber security presentations. I read several articles and reflected on my own personal plan for protecting my accounts. At the various training sessions I attended there was a common theme, if your identity has not been stolen, just wait, it will happen.

Today, Monday, October 31, 2016 my Netflix account was hijacked! Within 30 minutes I had it back. There was a huge lesson for me, which I will share with you. For some reason Netflix on an Amazon Fire TV stick keeps resetting or losing my password. In my being frustrated with this I set a very simple password. In hindsight this was a super bad idea. I strongly recommend that you use cypher for all passwords. What this means is to replace letters with non-letter characters. For example an ‘a’ becomes ‘^’ and ‘v’ can become ‘\’ & ‘/’. The key is NOT to have a unique password for every website. I use three basic password patterns:

Banking – anything that takes a credit card

Email – I have a few of these

Non-credit card holding sites

Here is a sample for non-credit card holding sites: I’ll pick a word, say “keyhole”. For starters, “keyhole” is too short. Most sites require 6-8 characters. Let’s see what we can do here. For a cypher I would do something like, “!k3yH0l3flix” Where ‘e’ became ‘3’ and ‘o’ became ‘0’ (zero). My website sample passwords:

!k3yH0l3flix – for

!k3yH0l3aarp – for my AARP login

!k3yH0l3text – for

Next month I will cover what happens to a loved ones accounts when they die. Look at http:// for more useful posts and resources.



VOLUNTEER HOURS REPORT: NAME______________________________________

MONTH: __________________
ADVOCACY/LEGIS. _________________ EDUCATION __________________ FUNDRAISING_________________
HEALTH/WELLNESS ________________ HUNGER _________________

CARE/NURSING HOME ____________
DAY OF SERVICE _________________ DRIVER SAFETY _____________ TAX-AIDE _______________________
ALL OTHER ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A recent article in the Mercury News showed a store fully emblazoned with holiday merchandise-two months before December 25!  (Almost as silly as the stores in Phoenix,  where I grew up, showcasing sweaters and coats in August when it was often 105 degrees!)  My thoughts returned to the 70’s when my children often put promises of work on pieces of colored paper, put them in a hand-made card and proudly presented them to me.  I recently found some of the coupons for doing dishes and taking out the trash but figure the statute of limitations has LONG passed. Many of you know I’m a dedicated thrift store shopper and really gloat about how little I’ve paid  for outfits like my jacket of many colors I wore to our October meeting. I’m suggesting we return to the days of neighbor helping neighbor when we offered to bring dinner, walk the dogs of shut-ins, and visit those in convalescent hospitals. And again, I suggest making Savers, Goodwill stores, Cancer thrift stores, the Habitat for Humanity stores, etc. your headquarters for your all-around shopping trips.  Of course, these shops are grateful for donations and will give you  discounts for shopping and/or receipts for income tax deductions. Know someone who might be alone for Thanksgiving or unable to prepare a festive dinner?  Think of making that person’s holiday by including them. Thanks for listening, Sheila


Opportunity Tickets…Carol Barcelos 

November drawings at three for $1 are:
Denny’s Restaurant (must use 11/15) 1140 Hillsdale Ave., San Jose 408-266-6299 (Thanks to Dot McElligott)
Dickies’s BBQ—Several Locations (Thanks to Marlene Hruby)
Campbell Express—(Thanks to the Howe Family)
September winners were:          Big Basin Winery: Del Carlson          Tomato Thyme: Pat Hawkins           Campbell Express: Richard Sarsfield

Treasure Chest…Jan Delucchi

If you have any children’s wrapping paper and are not going to use it, please bring it to the November meeting. We can use it when we wrap presents In December. The police furnish the wrapping paper, but it would be nice to wrap the presents for the little ones. Gift bags for the oddly shaped gifts would be welcome too. Bring it to the Treasure Chest table. I will have a bag to put them in. Thank you.


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Third Tuesday each month   9:30 am