AARP September Meeting … Paul Levine

AARP September Meeting Paul Levine

The speakers for our September 15, 2020, meeting will be from the League of Women Voters (LWV) who will discuss the ballot issues in the upcoming November election.  LWV presenters will open a zoom meeting live and show a recording of the pros and cons of each ballot measure.

There are 12 state propositions, 3 county measures and 2 local measures for those living in our League’s coverage area.  In the presentations, they will address the pros and cons of the state ballot measures, pause after each measure for questions, and also highlight the county and local measures.

The LWV is a national, non-partisan, volunteer organization committed to voter engagement and education,  The LWV of Southwest Santa Clara Valley, which covers the cites of Campbell, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga, will host a Zoom  Pro and Con webinar meeting with our AARP chapter  on Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 AM.  Check-in will start at 9:50 AM.

Chapter members will receive an email on Monday, September 14, giving instructions for attending the meeting(s); 9 AM for the general meeting and 10 AM for the LWV-led meeting.

Program … Paul Levine

The entertainer for the April 21 meeting was scheduled to be magician Phil Ackerly.  Phil has created over 5,000 shows all over the country, including Off-Broadway in New York City and at Hollywood’s famous, Magic Castle. 
In 2019, he won Best Stage Magician in two separate competitions by the Oakland Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  And every year he produces a fundraiser show for the South Bay Blue Star Moms, raising money to send care packages to the troops during the holiday season.

Phil Ackerly always presents a fun show, each one different and more amazing than the previous. Since we will not be able to see him on April 21st you can see his work at

Program … Paddy Wray, Paul Levine

The Boomerang Barbershop Quartet was formed originally in 2000 from four members of the Peninsulaires Barbershop Chorus:  Al Ward, Steve Wolf, Jim Gray, and lead singer Rob Sequera.  The name “Boomerang” was a play on their members:  they were baby-boomers and Silicon Valley boomers and their lead singer was Australian.  About 5 years ago, Rob and Jim moved on to other pursuits, and after a temporary period with another lead, they became the Boomerang of today; Lead Ramin Keyvan, Bass Steve Wolf, Baritone Dave Morley, and Tenor Al Ward.  They previously sang at an AARP meeting in 2018 and their performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Program…Gene Lennon

John Lehman is currently launching a commercial company, WhoSangIt, which will retrieve all individual songs (singles) by dates of popularity for any date beginning in 1890, and continue to provide memory kits through touchscreen partners. An amateur musicologist, John has collected music since 1959 and has one of the largest private single record/song collections in the world, covering every single from 1890-today.

John is the founding Board Chair, and currently Executive Director, of Senior New Ways, a Palo Alto, CA 501(C)(3) non-profit. He created Vintage Music for Memory Therapy, beginning in 2008, for both groups and individuals, and delivers it to six day care and residential care centers.

 Established care center volunteer visiting service for fifteen care centers.

 Created and lead men’s caregiver resource groups and whole health chat groups, in place since 2004.

 Developed 50+ interactive presentations for groups on laughter therapy, music memories, creating legacies, etc for groups in the Bay Area.

 He made a video “Laughs and Brains” for homecare and healthcare groups and individuals.

     A Vietnam era veteran, prior to 2005 John spent 36 years in high-tech software, including founding Verity Inc., Sageware Inc., and HighClassify Inc., specializing in text search and classification.

November Program – Sal Pizarro

Program…Ken Schieck  Sal Pizarro, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News will be our featured speaker on Nov. 15. Sal has written the ‘Around the Town’ column for the Merc since 2005. His column covers the people and events surrounding the cultural scene in Silicon Valley. In addition, he writes ‘Cocktail Chronicles’, a feature column on Silicon Valley bars and nightclubs. In his recent columns, he has highlighted ‘This is San Jose’, a collection of about 50 portraits of the San Jose experience that are on display at City Hall. He also noted the introduction of ‘Greeter Robots’ at the San Jose Airport. Sal’s topic at our meeting will be ‘The Future of Print Media in the 21st Century.’

September Speaker

For our September meeting, we will have Gloria Hoo, past president of the San Jose-Santa Clara chapter of the League of Women Voters and Mary Collins, current president of the chapter, as presenters. They will be speaking about Propositions 55/57 (plastic bag initiatives), Proposition 60 (porn movie initiative) and Proposition 61 (Veterans Prescription Initiative). They understand that you will have questions regarding other initiatives. We suggest you bring pen and paper to take notes.