Program…Gene Lennon and Paddy Wray

Santa Clara Players’ Outreach Program will present this month’s program which will focus on humorous readings and vignettes. This wonderful group has been providing entertainment to organizations throughout Santa Clara County for 35 years. Two of the actors performing for us will also be in their upcoming play, Exit the Body, running from 10/26 thru 11/17 at the Triton Museum Hall. If you enjoy theater in a small, intimate setting, we highly recommend Santa Clara Players. They offer interesting plays, matinees and evenings, at a nominal fee three times a year. Check your computer for days and price.

We thank Liz Gibbons who, with the assistance of our member Barbara Robinson, spoke at the last minute about several measures on the November election ballot.  Our membership had some interesting insights and contributions, which made the program really meaningful.

Program … Gene Lennon

Can you believe the email announcing that you won the lottery? Is that really your grand-child calling you for help from a prison? Did a beautiful model from another country fall in love with you in response to your witty email?
If you want to hear answers to these questions, please come to a presentation by Suzana Gal from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Suzana Gal is the co-director of the Consumer Mediation Unit in the Santa Clara County DA’s Office. She graduated from the University of Bucharest with a degree in Romance Languages and Literature.
After several years of teaching, she became a mediator in 1987 and has mediated community disputes, all types of civil consumer transactions, provided consumer advice to the public and has spoken on consumer issues with various organizations in Santa Clara county. She is a former vice president of the California Consumer Affairs Association.

Program…Gene Lennon

What does one do when they get their layoff notice in a Silicon Valley semiconductor company? Become an entertainer, of course! “It’s was a lateral move,” says Phil Ackerly, a Bay Area native making his home in Santa Clara, where “the homes were more affordable.” Since 1992, Phil has been following his passion performing his theatrical magic shows at company events and private parties for all ages from the young to the young at heart. “When I perform it’s really magic. I walk in a room as a stranger and after my performance, I’m part of the family.” Phil’s act has taken him across the country to off- Broadway at Monday Night Magic, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Las Vegas and the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Phil combines his experience from the theater with sleight-of-hand magic, along with good clean humor and a few stories that tug at your heartstrings. And for that special occasion, Phil personalizes his performances for a special event or to celebrate that special someone.


Program…Gene Lennon
There is only one amendment that has ever been repealed, and that was the Eighteenth Amendment which spawned the Volstead Act and brought the country thirteen years of prohibition. The 1920s became a period of hypocrisy and bedlam thanks to the passage of the Volstead Act. How did prohibition come about and how did it end? Who were the key figures of the time and what were their roles in stemming the manufacture, sale, and distribution of intoxicating beverages? How did the California wineries survive and why was the act repealed? All these and more questions will be answered in this fascinating presentation.


Program…Gene Lennon
The October 17 program will feature Terry Gallo, “How Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley keeps low income seniors safe in their homes.”  Volunteers and communities come together to help low income seniors


Coming Attractions…Gene Lennon

The October 17 program will feature Terry Gallo, “How Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley keeps low income seniors safe in their homes.” Join us back at Q80 at the Campbell Community Center. Please sign up at the picnic to bring snacks to the October 17 meeting.

Program…Gene Lennon

John Lehman is currently launching a commercial company, WhoSangIt, which will retrieve all individual songs (singles) by dates of popularity for any date beginning in 1890, and continue to provide memory kits through touchscreen partners. An amateur musicologist, John has collected music since 1959 and has one of the largest private single record/song collections in the world, covering every single from 1890-today.

John is the founding Board Chair, and currently Executive Director, of Senior New Ways, a Palo Alto, CA 501(C)(3) non-profit. He created Vintage Music for Memory Therapy, beginning in 2008, for both groups and individuals, and delivers it to six day care and residential care centers.

 Established care center volunteer visiting service for fifteen care centers.

 Created and lead men’s caregiver resource groups and whole health chat groups, in place since 2004.

 Developed 50+ interactive presentations for groups on laughter therapy, music memories, creating legacies, etc for groups in the Bay Area.

 He made a video “Laughs and Brains” for homecare and healthcare groups and individuals.

     A Vietnam era veteran, prior to 2005 John spent 36 years in high-tech software, including founding Verity Inc., Sageware Inc., and HighClassify Inc., specializing in text search and classification.