AARP February Meeting … Paul Levine and Ken Schieck

The speaker for our February 15, 2022, meeting will be Steve Bird, the Executive Director of 408 Food Rescue & Distribution, a Division of Lighthouse Ministries.  After 38 years in the high-tech sector (engineer, manager, trainer, and business owner), Steve retired.  Shortly thereafter, his wife “volunteered” him to help out the gleaning (food rescue) team, part of the Homeless Support Action Team or HSAT.  After his first food rescue, she asked him how he liked it.  He said, “This suits me to the core, I’ll do this until I can’t do it anymore.”  It’s been six years now.

Steve’s organization is a recognized non-profit, with a board of directors, and a team of 38 volunteers.  They just released their first “Annual Impact Report for CY2021.”  The calculations show that they collected and distributed 3.2 million pounds of food in CY2021, which translates to 2.68 million meals.  Steve’s talk will mainly consist of excerpts from their Annual Impact report, which will be emailed to our membership.