President’s Message

Welcome to the “dog days” of August and “Back to School” events!  Remember when school didn’t start until after Labor Day?  Not so, anymore.  See Marilyn’s note about contributing to Sacred Heart’s pack-a- backpack drive.

The July informative presentation on Home Safety and Fall Prevention was gratefully received by our Chapter members.  Also, in late July, our members participated in the Senior Safari Walk at Happy Hallow.  The next Senior Safari will be on Thursday, August 24th.  Simply arrive between 9:00 and 9:55 AM for free parking and admission.  Even in the heat, it’s good to get out for some moderate exercise in stimulating surroundings.

Late July also saw our members participate in the glasses sorting event at the VISTA center on Bascom Ave. near San Carlos.  The date for the next event has not yet been set, but I will let members know as soon as I know.

SCAM ALERT:  They’re at it again.  You may receive a letter in the mail purporting to be from the IRS, asking you to send them a copy of your Real ID or Driver’s License.  They will even send you a return envelope. That service already knows who you are and, if you do as directed, you have given the scammers everything they need to steal your identity.  Also, the grandparent callers are at it again.  I received two of these calls in the past month.  Don’t fall for it.

Our August speaker is Candace Roney who will be giving information on volunteer activities at the Humane Society as well as some other volunteer opportunities.  In addition, Gloria Hayes will give a brief presentation on Lawn Bowling for Seniors at a local venue.

In the meantime, try to stay cool and remember to drink before you feel thirsty.