President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

November is full of special days and the beginning of the Holiday Season.  In some areas, November 2 is Election Day.  The celebration of Diwali is on November 4.  Veterans’ Day is November 11, followed by Thanksgiving on November 25 and the first day of Hanukkah on November 28.  It’s a month of various commemorations and celebrations.  In the midst of it all, don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 7.

We are now authorized to begin in-person meetings for up to 50 people.  However, since our programs for November and December were set up for ZOOM meetings, we will not return to the Community Center until January.  I have spoken to Tina about this, and we will be in touch with her a few weeks before our meeting to discuss protocol for refreshments at that time.  Masks are currently required for anyone entering the Community Center.  If all goes as expected, our meeting will be on January 18 in the Center.  We will have to set up a sign-in system to make sure we don’t go over 50 attendees.

Paddy Wray and her committee are working on getting a luncheon organized.  At this point in time, it will not be in January as the closing of Mama Mia has complicated matters.  We will have more about that in a later Dispatch.

As promised, I attended the Home Fit video AARP presentation on October 21 and picked up some useful information on aging in place for those of us who want to stay in our own homes.  One point was to always have professional handymen install grab bars in bathrooms; do not depend on clips or suction cups.  Also, have a handrail at every entrance.  For useful and relatively easy and affordable tips, consult  You can also request a free Home Fit guide. We will see you on ZOOM on November 16.

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Welcome to Fall, everyone.  There is a lot happening in the month of October.  The Campbell Octoberfest will be on October 16th and 17th in downtown Campbell.  Even if you are not a beer drinker, it’s lots of fun to be downtown and outdoors.  October 11th is both Indigenous People’s Day and Columbus Day with celebrations to match and, of course, Halloween is on the 31st. If you choose to come in costume to our general meeting, even if virtual, feel free to do so.

We still do not know when National AARP will give an okay for in-person group meetings.  I just keep getting told “until further notice” no meetings of more than five people indoors.  I will let you know as soon as I know.  I have asked for exemption because we are in a city that is over 90% vaccinated, and a county that is over 80% vaccinated, but cannot get an approval from National.  I’ll keep trying.

As promised, I did attend the meeting on Heat Stroke, Climate Change, and Seniors.  The greatest danger to older adults is not when we would think, but in the winter.  More seniors die of heat stroke when there is an unexpected heat surge in the winter because our bodies have not had a chance to acclimate to a warming up.  This used to be more common in Southern California, but with climate change the phenomenon is moving north as well.  Be aware that warming weather in January or February means drink more water and stay cool.

President’s Message…Margaret Schieck

Our previous hopes of returning to in-person meetings in October have been dashed by the Delta Variant of COVID-19.  For the foreseeable future, we will continue to meet via ZOOM.  If you are uncomfortable using ZOOM, please consider joining one of National AARP’s volunteer-led training sessions.  To get more information and register go to:

At this point in time, we are still planning to have our annual luncheon in January.  Please give some thought to contributing items for door prizes for this event.

It has been suggested that a future column in the Campbell Press can be comprised of comments from members as to why they like attending AARP meetings, even via ZOOM.  If members will please send their positive comments to me at, I will compile the column.

Hope you enjoyed the three-day Labor Day weekend.

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Happy birthday to the United States Coast Guard (founded 1790).  That’s about the most significant event that occurred in the “Dog Days” of August.

At this time, we believe we will be able to begin in-person meetings in Room Q 80 of the Campbell Community Center on September 21st.  As we know, all information regarding COVID-19 is subject to change.  As of now, all participants will be required to wear a mask, both those who have been vaccinated and those who have not, at all indoor meetings.  We are unsure as to whether or not we can have coffee yet.  I expect to have more information from the Adult Center as we approach the date.

Many, many thanks to the telephone committee and to our ZOOM participants and officers who have held our chapter together during these past difficult 18 months!

I am including important information regarding a Virtual Lobbying Day on Aug. 18th for the P.R.O.T.E.C.T. bill for nursing home reform.  Please read the information in the box below and register for training if you want to get involved.

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Happy Independence Day to all.  I hope you had a safe and sane celebration of the U.S.A.’s 245th birthday!

Good news:  As of September, and barring any surges of COVID, we are back in the Campbell Community Center for our General Meetings.  Therefore, assuming things continue to progress at the current pace, we will meet in Room Q80 on September 21st with a coffee time from 9:15 to 10:00 a.m. and the meeting from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30a.m.  At the present time, we do not have a permanent lunch coordinator, so unless some member volunteers to take that on, we will not have plans for an after-meeting lunch.

As of July 1st, Chapter 5151 of AARP (Campbell Area) will have a monthly column in the new Campbell Press newspaper.  I have written the first article, and we have volunteers for August and September.  Please let me know if you have ideas and/or are willing to write a 200- to 250-word column for the paper.  Get in touch with me for details.

See you on Zoom for July and August and in Q80 for September!

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Here we are six months into 2021 with maybe some light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

It looks as though we will be meeting on ZOOM for at least another four to five months as the Campbell Community Center does not expect to open for large groups before October.

In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers and grandfathers and all who are fulfilling a “father figure” role.  This is your month.

For those of you who are uncomfortable using Social Media, the Office of Volunteer Engagement has affiliated with Senior Planet for free technology sessions called Older Adults Technology Services (OATS).  You are invited to join Facebook Fridays for training.  Tech Tuesdays are also available for novice users and for training on hosting meetings.  Have fun!  For more information, contact Sharon Stewart at

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

This will be a short message this month, as there is a lot to cover in legislative news.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, and anyone else filling that role.

Also, let us not forget Memorial Day at the end of the month.  It’s not just an excuse for a long weekend.  Remember those “who gave all.”

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and Joyous Passover.  I am keeping this short this time, as I wanted to leave room for Joy to put in an article for the youth & seniors telephone project.

RYDE (Reach Your Destination Easily) has received a grant to expand its services.  RYDE is a curb-to-curb transportation service for seniors over 65. Fees are based on income and distance.

RYDE previously served Saratoga, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos and Monte Sereno. The grant expands service to the following San Jose zip codes: 95118, 95119, 95122, 95123 and 95139.  The average user is 81 years old.  For more information, call 408-892-9739.

See you at our virtual meeting.

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Here we are in March and it is another busy month!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, as well as Happy First Day of Spring, Happy Passover, and Happy Easter (in early April)!  It is also Women’s History month. (For a virtual Women’s History exhibit, go to:

Wow! There are a lot of items to cover this month.

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time on March 14th.  Don’t forget to read Angie’s article on “Have a Heart for Sacred Heart” food drive contributions in this newsletter. 

Also, the 11th Annual Benefit Concert “For Love” supporting Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence will take place virtually this year on March 20th at 7:30 p.m.  The concert is free this year, but donations are strongly encouraged.  For access to the concert, please send an e-mail request to:  As many of you know, several of our AARP members sing with the Orchard City Community Chorus, which is one of the 10 choruses contributing voices to this virtual event.

I would also like to encourage our members to remember Mama Mia’s restaurant when they are thinking of ordering meals.  We may or may not be able to have our annual luncheon this year, but Frank has been very supportive of our group in keeping costs reasonable for us at the luncheon.  He could use our support now.  In addition, remember Sorelle’s as well.  They have accommodated after-meeting lunches and our need for separate checks.

I hope everyone has a Happy Spring and I’m looking forward to seeing you all on-line on March 16th and, hopefully, in person soon.

President’s Message … Margaret Schieck

Here we are in the dreary month of February, but at least we have Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day to look forward to.

The Campbell Area AARP Chapter 5151 members should be very proud.  Together we managed to accrue 3,091.75 volunteer hours of service in 2020.  That is 187 hours more than we accumulated in 2019.  Considering the fact that many of our activities had to be conducted virtually, that is outstanding.  Many thanks to Leona Fails for doing the massive job of adding all those hours up.  In February, the National AARP will be accepting nominations for the National Community Service Award.  We should try to have a nominee.

As I mentioned at the January meeting, a student at Harker Academy, Arthur Kajiyama, has set up a group of students to make phone calls to seniors who would like to be contacted once a week by telephone.  If you are interested in receiving a phone call from a teenager, please send an e-mail (preferably) to Joy Walsh at or at her phone number(s) listed on Page 3.  There are two adult mentors for the group.

Hopefully, we will be able to meet in person after March.