President…Ken Schieck

Everyone, PLEASE take care of yourselves during this time of fires and, eventually, colder weather.  Make sure you have masks when the air is relatively dirty, as it is now.  I don’t want anyone to miss the happy, hectic holiday season.  TIP: I have found that barbecuing the turkey on Thanksgiving frees up both top and bottom ovens in the kitchen for potatoes, stuffing, etc.

Our chapter has been given an opportunity to staff a booth at a Veterans’ Care Fair on Saturday, November 23, at the San Jose Giants Municipal Stadium from 10 am to 3 pm. One of the sponsors is Vietnam Veterans of America, Ch. 201, of which I am a member.  I need volunteers to staff a table to advertise AARP services.  If you wish to participate and/or know someone in our chapter who might be interested, please let me know by Monday, Nov. 11.  Volunteers are expected to staff the booth for the entire five-hour period of the event.  Please excuse the late notice.

This is definitely a community activity in which we should be involved.  I have some familiarity with these ‘care fairs’ as I helped plan and participated in them when I was with the Employment Development Dept.  This is not a job fair, but an event that features organizations to assist vets and lets them know about community organizations like ours.

Monday, November 11 is Veteran’s Day; be sure to thank a veteran for their service.

Our incoming officers and committee chairs for 2020 are listed below. You will have the opportunity to vote for these members at the General Meeting on Tuesday, November 19.  Remember that these positions are vital to our chapter.  Without volunteers like these members, the chapter will become inactive.


            President – Ken Schieck

            VP/Programs – Paul Levine

            Secretary – Fannie Young

Treasurer — Helen Soukoulis

            Asst. Treasurer – Nancy Tepperman

            Past President – Marlene Hruby

President … Ken Schieck

October is the month to wear orange and black-not for the San Francisco Giants (they will miss Bruce Bochy) – but it is the month of Halloween; let’s wear those colors to the general meeting on Oct.15. This is the first of three meetings relating to who will be on our Board in 2020; we will nominate members for the Board at the October meeting, elect them in November, and install them in December.  A sincere thanks to Helen Soukoulis, Nancy Tepperman, and Paul Levine for stepping up this past year to fill important Board positions.

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is sponsoring a year-end series of events beginning Oct.9 with the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) at the San Jose Masonic Center, 2500 Masonic Drive, San Jose.  For more information, please call Lynne Kinsey 408/265-4038.

AARP California, Bay Area Black Nurses Assn. Inc., and the Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council are sponsoring 3 telephone seminars on Dementia Care during the month of October.  For more information, register online at or call Karla Fields at 925/444-0474.

Just an early heads-up:  Orchard City Community Chorus presents its winter holiday concert on Friday Dec. 6 at Campbell United Methodist Church.  More information forthcoming.

President … Ken Schieck

AARP Associate State Director Antoine Cook left our January meeting with at least two positive impressions:

1) No other California chapter sponsors lunches after a general meeting;

2) He was impressed with the idea of “Glad Tidings” (thanks to Marilyn Clough for that phrase).

I know from other conversations with Antoine that he is also impressed with the scope of the Dispatch and the fact that it is published monthly.

These activities only come about because members of our chapter are willing to step up and use their talents to serve the larger community be that our AARP chapter or the neighborhoods and cities where we live (and sometimes work!). Furthermore, Mr. Cook also said that the Board positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are absolutely necessary for a chapter to stay in existence.  I bring this up to you because the position of Vice-President is currently vacant. If you appreciate the speakers that have informed our meetings over the years, you have an idea of what the Vice-President’s main responsibility is.  Anyone with powers of persuasion and knowledge of the interests of seniors should consider volunteering in this position.

If you are interested, please see Jan Delucchi or myself; I served in this capacity recently for two years.  Thank you for your interest.

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