A recent article in the Mercury News showed a store fully emblazoned with holiday merchandise-two months before December 25!  (Almost as silly as the stores in Phoenix,  where I grew up, showcasing sweaters and coats in August when it was often 105 degrees!)  My thoughts returned to the 70’s when my children often put promises of work on pieces of colored paper, put them in a hand-made card and proudly presented them to me.  I recently found some of the coupons for doing dishes and taking out the trash but figure the statute of limitations has LONG passed. Many of you know I’m a dedicated thrift store shopper and really gloat about how little I’ve paid  for outfits like my jacket of many colors I wore to our October meeting. I’m suggesting we return to the days of neighbor helping neighbor when we offered to bring dinner, walk the dogs of shut-ins, and visit those in convalescent hospitals. And again, I suggest making Savers, Goodwill stores, Cancer thrift stores, the Habitat for Humanity stores, etc. your headquarters for your all-around shopping trips.  Of course, these shops are grateful for donations and will give you  discounts for shopping and/or receipts for income tax deductions. Know someone who might be alone for Thanksgiving or unable to prepare a festive dinner?  Think of making that person’s holiday by including them. Thanks for listening, Sheila