AARP Movies for Grownups

Interested in “going to the movies” on AARP?

Option #1:  Members can monitor  Use the link to locate the “Free Movie Screening Near You.”  Often there will be a couple of movies listed.  When the movie listing indicates that “registration is open,” often nationwide, click on it and register for the local screening.

Option #2:  If you want to receive notification of upcoming movies (instead of looking them up yourself, as described above), then keep reading: Grace-Sonia Melanio is the San Jose-based AARP Community Program Specialist and usually handles the local movie screenings.  She says the movie studios often want to influence the personal profile of who gets invited, so don’t expect to get invited to every movie.  Send Grace-Sonia an email, at, if you want to be on the Movies for Grownups email link for AARP San Jose.