Community Service

Community Service…Sheila Gold
As I sit here in my comfy bed in an assisted living residence, I think of what I have learned during the last month after my move here from my son’s apartment. I had always thought of preplanning as pertaining to cremation or burial. But now I realize I should have done a lot more homework in the kind of facility I might end up in before that last need. Please know your total monthly rent bill will be much higher than you planned when you add additional fees for help with showering, transferring, dressing, and medicine distribution. These costs are weighed against peace of mind knowing that help is just a push of the call button on a lanyard around your neck. Can you live in a studio or one bedroom? Remember the dreaded HOA fees from your condo? Well, they’re back in the form of a community fund. Hopefully your relationship with your siblings will enable you to work together for the best care for your family or yourself. Remember you are setting an example for how your children or grandchildren will treat you.
Think twice and good luck with your choice.