Community Service…Sheila Gold

The new year is here and I wish all our members and their families all the best.  The “best” is good health so I hope you’re following doctors’ orders by eating well and exercising regularly and keeping a positive outlook on life.  Doing puzzles, learning a new language and/or taking classes help to keep your mind sharp and are fun. The internet offers unlimited learning -Senior Net is where I’ve taken classes and the instructors are great and patient, classes are  usually limited to 12 so, with 2 assistants for each class, you get individual help.  Check out the area’s community centers where you’ll find classes, low-cost meals and programs especially for seniors. Of course, I’ll put a big plug into this message for doing volunteer work-it’s sooo satisfying. Hope to interview some of our energetic volunteers for the next newsletter.

Remember, for me a balanced diet is a piece of good dark chocolate in each hand. The best to you.