Legislative News … Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

AARP is very happy with all its members – we have been reaching out to our federal representatives on our top issues. We should continue to do so for our own benefit. Our Senators and
Representatives literally count the calls they get on an issue, so keep it up!

We are still working on AB 824 (Wood), about getting rid of delaying tactics for getting generic drugs out on the market. Any questions? See the August newsletter for more information.

In the meantime, AARP has launched a nationwide prescription drug campaign – at the Federal and State level – to stop drug companies from price gouging Americans.

  • We are calling on Congress, the Administration and States to pass common-sense, bipartisan legislation to lower prescription drug prices now.
  • AARP and our 38 million members across the country are taking on the drug companies in Washington and every state with TV, digital and radio advertising, grassroots action, social media, events and more.
  • This issue is a top priority for older Americans and that is why we are launching this campaign.
  • The average Medicare beneficiary has a median annual income of just over $26,000 while the average Part D beneficiary is taking 4-5 prescription medications on a monthly basis.

We need to contact our members of Congress (Lofgren, Eshoo or Khanna) and Senators Feinstein and Harris to let them know we mean business. Ask them to support the CREATES Act (H.R. 965) and the federal pay-for-delay legislation (H.R. 1499).

AARP continues to fight for legislation to protect older workers from age discrimination. Congress re- introduced legislation that would give older workers the same fairness under the law as every other worker. It’s about fairness for all workers, regardless of age. AARP fully supports H.R.1230 and S.485 the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (POWADA), a bipartisan bill. This legislation will restore older workers’ ability to fight back against age discrimination.

Again, we need to contact our Federal representatives and ask them to support and vote for H.R.1230/ S.485 to protect older workers against age discrimination.