Legislative Report…Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

Three things that are hanging in the balance:

What does affordable health care mean for you?

Tell Congress: nothing can fix this bad bill. Congressional leaders are still trying to push their higher cost, less coverage health care bill through the Senate – our efforts are working! But we still have far to go. To protect health care for millions, we need to show Senators that this is about people. Will you share how the health care bill will impact you? Tell us what health care means to you and we’ll share it with elected officials before they vote. Here’s the website:


Make sure the loophole stays closed.

Last year, thanks to thousands of AARP advocates like you, the Department of Labor closed the loophole that allowed some financial advisers to take advantage of Americans saving for retirement. Now Wall Street special interests and their allies in Washington want to reopen the loophole, and we need your help to stop them. Tell Congress to protect your hard-earned retirement savings. Here’s the website to take action:


Health care update: Could this bad bill get worse?

It may seem impossible, but the Senate is considering the Cruz amendment that would make the bad health care bill even worse. Call your Senators at 1-844-222-0110 and tell them to say NO to skyrocketing premiums for Americans 50-64 years old and those with preexisting conditions like cancer, diabetes, and asthma. Watch our update now!


AARP advocates are telling Senators to vote NO. Don’t forget to let your Senators how you feel about this, too! Every little bit helps. Keep up the good work and keep those phones and computers buzzing!