No-Sweat Family Travel…Sheila Gold

Remember the Chevy Chase horror movies about taking the family across the country? Well, Samantha Brown, writing in on our AARP bulletin of last spring, gives these hints:

  1. Decide who’s paying. Cruises and rental houses are good bets if you want to avoid hidden costs.
  2. Choose a destination to suit all interests. Disneyland and Disney World are usually universal favorites, but consider how much walking is involved. Big cities like Chicago and New York offer a plethora of cultural and dining interests. Also they offer a variety of shopping and transportation choices.
  3. Include each traveler’s top attraction. If the group has divided interests, consider splitting up for an afternoon or morning.
  4. Steal away with the youngsters. Offer to take the grandkids out for dinner or ice cream so parents can have a “date night.” Adult kids, do the same for your parents.
  5. Schedule a daily respite. Everyone needs a break; schedule one about three in the afternoon when energy lags.
  6. Above all, take lots of photos and work on an album together. These moments are precious and enjoy them!