President’s Message…Marlene Hruby

You may notice that this Dispatch looks like the older ones with me as Editor. That’s because I am Editor this month and I don’t have the same program as Maribel. We are sorry to report that Maribel’s father passed away and she is going to the Philippines for services. We have also decided that since our membership is down and we are padding the mailing list to come up to the required 200 copies for the bulk rate, I will be e-mailing the newsletter in color to the members who have given us e-mail addresses. This will save us over $400 per year. But don’t worry. It will be sent by blind copy so no one will have access to addresses. The rest will continue to receive a hard copy. If I don’t have your e-mail address, you can e-mail it to me at A hand vote was taken at the June meeting desiring a better venue for the annual luncheon. It was decided to avoid the holiday season and move the party to January 2016. So we are having a fundraiser to help pay for it. See the article below for details.