A Vision of Hope … Maribel Santos

In everyday newspapers, words such as “sheltering in place, social distancing,” etc. hold great meaning as these words alert us to the mindful activities we need to do to protect ourselves from Covid-19. How about words such as “elbowing instead of hugging, quarantining, essential services only, masking, sanitizing, senior grocery lines,” and others further remind us of the new reality that we are in – a sense of uncertainty during these unprecedented times. Hence, I recommend a place of focus, a place to ground ourselves and put fear and alarm on the back burner as we are constantly faced with the fact that the “horse is now running in the opposite direction.” What do we do in the face of this new reality? A couple of things come to mind. Acceptance is one. Alignment is another. And finally, a chance to reset ourselves – back to zero. For I look at zero as the ultimate foundation by which springs forth possibilities for a new beginning, a new self, a new world, a new creation.