Calling All Seniors … Joy Walsh

A very nice young man from The Harker School (a junior) and some of his friends (and parent sponsors) have formed a volunteer group to call seniors weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to:

(1)  Find out how you are doing.

(2)  See if you have any needs, i.e. grocery shopping, pick up medication/s.

(3)  Find out if you have any problems they could get help for.

(4)  Just chat if you’d like.  It can be about your life and experiences, his life, life in Santa Clara County, or where you lived before, etc.

Many people in our community do not have family or a support group to chat with, and the phone calls can be a way to get connected to other people.  This can be an engaging experience to bring you and the youth a sense of fulfillment through these friendly calls.  You never know when angels are sent into your life.

If you think you may enjoy chatting with one of these young people, please contact Joy Walsh. There is no obligation to continue if you do not wish to do so. Just tell the young man or contact Joy.