Community Service…Sheila Gold

Hi all, Marlene always encourages us to read the national AARP Bulletin and so I did in March and found a fact-filled article on the health good news and bad for the 50 states. Probably when we think of moving out of our wonderful but expensive California, we don’t consider these stats:

Oregon rates #9 with low numbers of falls but high prevalence of chronic drinking.

Hawaii is #4 with 12% more getting their flu shot but mental health days up 18%.

New York is #21 with readily available home health providers but high percentage of seniors living in poverty.

Arizona is #22 with high hospice use but a low percentage with a dedicated health care provider.

Florida is #27 with high community support expenditures and 26% more sedentary older adults.

Arkansas is #47 with a decrease of 18% usage of ICU but a low percentage of “able-bodied” seniors.

Please consider all aspects of a move! I’ve always wanted to write this, “Sheila Gold’s column will return in June when she returns from a 3-week sojourn to South America! Best to all.”