President…Marlene Hruby

On publication date we still have 30 members who have not paid their 2016 dues. How soon we forget! These dues pay for your Dispatch ($900 per year), entertainment programs, two monthly lunches at the senior lunch program, printing, postage, insurance, some refreshments and miscellaneous. Although the treasure chest and opportunity drawing bring in some money, it is your dues that keep the chapter solvent. If you have not already sent dues to Shelly, please do so NOW with the coupon on page 3. If you wait until the meeting, poor Shelly will be swamped. Rick, Paddy and I had a budget meeting and this budget will be available for your perusal on the literature table.

We need to improve our communication with each other and with visitors. Please use the social time to converse with neighbors and especially introduce yourselves to the visitors. We want to increase our membership and unfortunately we have several people who have moved or have decided not to join us this year.