Cyber Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month…Rick Loek
I’ve touched on this before and held a presentation about cybersecurity at our local chapter meeting.  It is my belief that there is no way to avoid cyber-attacks.  You may not be online, you may not have a smart phone.

Nonetheless, companies  you utilize  or  even don’t utilize, are online.  Equifax’s data breach is a prime example.  Why be concerned?  Well, if your identity is stolen or compromised it can take years to recover from this nightmare.

Have you ever locked your credit?  Per, consumers can enroll for complimentary identity-theft protection and credit-file monitoring. The credit protection service is free for 12 months for consumers — not just breach victims — who sign up by Nov. 21. Read the full AARP article here: scams-fraud/info-2017/equifax-cyber-attackdatabreach-fd.html.  REMINDER: Never ever give personal financial information in email, never!  Look at for more useful posts and resources