President’s Message

President…Ken Schieck Well, here it is, the month of September; most of us remember going back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  For probably the last 15 years, however, your children and grandkids have been going back to school in August, getting a 2 week holiday break in December and ending the school term in May. I think very soon the metropolitan states like California will vote to have year-round school. The buildings will be better utilized, and the students will remember school basics more easily than when they had 90 days off!   Famous people born in September include:  Lily Tomlin (Sept.1),  Beyonce Knowles (Sept.4),  Bob Newhart (Sept.5), Bill O’Reilly (Sept.10),  Oliver Stone (Sept.15),  Lauren Bacall (Sept.16), Yours Truly (Sept.18), Sophia Loren(Sept.20),   Bruce Springsteen (Sept. 23), and Barbara Walters (Sept.25).

Speaking of September, I hope to see many of you at our picnic on Tuesday, Sept.19 at Edith Morley Park, Campbell, from 11:30-2. Our chapter will also participate in a Seniors Resource Fair at the Saratoga Senior Center on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 2pm to 5 pm; We will probably have a table as well on Wed. Oct. 4 at Liberty Towers in Santa Clara from 10 am to 2pm; if you are interested in helping out at either of these two events, please contact me at 408-379-7820 or

Our Community Service chair, Marilyn Clough is going to write a history of the Campbell AARP Chapter; if you would like to lend her your writing talents, please contact her at 408-377-6882.

Please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers.