President’s Message

President…Ken Schieck Well, here it is, the month of September; most of us remember going back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  For probably the last 15 years, however, your children and grandkids have been going back to school in August, getting a 2 week holiday break in December and ending the school term in May. I think very soon the metropolitan states like California will vote to have year-round school. The buildings will be better utilized, and the students will remember school basics more easily than when they had 90 days off!   Famous people born in September include:  Lily Tomlin (Sept.1),  Beyonce Knowles (Sept.4),  Bob Newhart (Sept.5), Bill O’Reilly (Sept.10),  Oliver Stone (Sept.15),  Lauren Bacall (Sept.16), Yours Truly (Sept.18), Sophia Loren(Sept.20),   Bruce Springsteen (Sept. 23), and Barbara Walters (Sept.25).

Speaking of September, I hope to see many of you at our picnic on Tuesday, Sept.19 at Edith Morley Park, Campbell, from 11:30-2. Our chapter will also participate in a Seniors Resource Fair at the Saratoga Senior Center on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 2pm to 5 pm; We will probably have a table as well on Wed. Oct. 4 at Liberty Towers in Santa Clara from 10 am to 2pm; if you are interested in helping out at either of these two events, please contact me at 408-379-7820 or

Our Community Service chair, Marilyn Clough is going to write a history of the Campbell AARP Chapter; if you would like to lend her your writing talents, please contact her at 408-377-6882.

Please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers.


(No General Meeting)
Edith Morley Park 11:30—2:00 Campbell Technology Parkway
and McGlincy Lane
$7/person or $5/AARP Member IF
You bring a potential chapter member.
Call Paddy 249-3263 or Marilyn 377-6882 BEFORE SEPT 9.
NO lunch tickets will be sold at the park.

BBQ Ribs              BBQ Chicken          Cole Slaw
Burger  (Beef/Chicken/Vege)                Caesar Salad
Corn on the Cob    Beans & Franks       Potato Salad
Fresh Fruit             Cupcakes                 Drinks


Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee…Jan Delucchi We have a desperate need to fill a few positions. We need a man to help Sheila prepare the coffee at each general meeting. We also need a couple of alternates to help with the Opportunity drawing. These positions only require time at the general meetings. We also have one opening on the Nominating Committee. Is it time to finally offer your services?

Saturday Sept. 16  9am-12pm
Century Theater Parking Lot
(across from Santana Row)


Coming Attractions…Gene Lennon

The October 17 program will feature Terry Gallo, “How Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley keeps low income seniors safe in their homes.” Join us back at Q80 at the Campbell Community Center. Please sign up at the picnic to bring snacks to the October 17 meeting.

Dates to Remember


DEADLINE for articles for the Dispatch First Tuesday each month e-mail to
snail (US) mail: Dispatch, 2156 Orestes Way Campbell CA 95008
Executive Board Meeting, Wesley Manor Dining Room      Second Tuesday each month 10:00 am
Chapter Meeting Campbell Community Center Room Q80       Third Tuesday each month   9:30 am

Legislative Report

Legislative Report…Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

Back in July we mentioned SB 17, the Drug Price Transparency Bill. It came up for a vote on September first and passed. Once into law, SB 17 will require drug makers to give 60 days’ notice to California state purchasers (CalPERS, DHCS, CDCR, DGS), health plans, and insurers before raising prices on most prescription drugs.

SB 17 also requires drug makers to report additional information to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), including justification for price increases, marketing budgets, previous price increases, sales volumes, and relative efficacy, and for this information to be made available to the public. AARP research shows that in 2015, retail prices for 268 brand name prescription drugs widely used by Medicare beneficiaries increased by an average of 15.5 %, when the general rate of inflation rate was only 0.1 % over the same period. We Californians deserve to know when and why the prescription drug prices are being raised.

Another bill that has caught AARP’s attention is SB 649 (Huesos). This is a telecommunications bill that unnecessarily and unconstitutionally strips local authority over public property and shuts out public input and local discretion by eliminating consideration of the aesthetic and environmental impacts of “small cells” (read Microwave towers).

SB 649’s use of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition of a “small cell” include other “small cell” equipment such as electric meters, concealment, telecom demarcation boxes, ground-based enclosures, battery backup power systems, grounding equipment, power transfer switches, cutoff switches, cables, or conduits.  The proposal allows for an unlimited number of antennas of less than three cubic feet each or six cubic feet for all antennas, while placing no height restrictions on the pole. While proponents argue that an individual “small cell” has very little impact, the cumulative size specifications of all the small cells and associated equipment far exceed the perceived impacts from a single cell.

This bill strips local government of the authority to protect the quality of life of our residents, and to protect public property and the public right-of-way from relatively unconstrained access by small cells.   Local governments typically encourage new technology into their boundaries because of its potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for their residents. However, SB 649 goes too far by requiring local governments to approve “small cells” in all land use zones, including residential zones, through a ministerial permit, thereby shutting the public out of decisions that could affect the aesthetics of their community and the quality of their environment. Naturally, AARP opposes this bill as it concerns public safety and we are the public. Expect a call to action soon!

Medicare and Social Security

Medicare and Social SecurityRick Loek
The last week of August my wife,  Mary Lee, and I attended a national training on Medicare and Social Security.  There are many initiatives coming and even some great programs to help protect our seniors.

Two programs caught my attention.  One is the Social Security Removal Initiative.  Beginning in April of 2018 new  Medicare  cards  will start arriving in your mailboxes.  These new cards have removed your Social Security number from Medicare cards and replaced it with  some “non-intelligent” number.  What they are implying is that the number is mostly meaningless.  There are a couple of digits that contain information of interest to the healthcare providers and Medicare agencies.

The second program that caught my eye is something called “Senior Medicare Patrol.”  They are educating seniors about how to reduce or avoid healthcare fraud.  They have many pamphlets and suggestions.  They strongly suggest avoiding greedy insurance agents who want to switch your coverage.  Switching coverage is seldom appropriate.  Only after careful analysis, including benefits and cost, would one want to make any change(s). Senior Medicare patrol is accessible at 855-613-7080 or  Never ever give personal financial information in email, never!  Look at for more useful posts and resource

Community Service

Community Service…Marilyn Clough
I was very impressed to learn that Sacred Heart managed to get all 3300 of their pack-a-backs together and distributed on time.  The staff looked both disheveled and proud at the same time!

In the September “AARP Bulletin” on page 44 is a map showing where in our country and the percentage of seniors 65+ who volunteer.  California is not high on the list with only 22%.  An analysis is not provided, but would certainly be interesting.  The statistics did not seem to have been provided by AARP.  Considering the effort our chapter puts into collecting that information for the national organization, it’s surprising.


Friday October 6    12pm-4pm
Saturday October 7   9am-5pm
Sunday October 8    9am-2pm
1522 McCoy Ave
West San Jose (Campbell Area)

Does a clean house indicate that
the computer in the house is down?
Is there ever a day when mattresses are not on sale?
How do those dead bugs get into
those closed light fixtures?

Opportunity Tickets

Opportunity Tickets…Barbara Robinson

There will be no opportunity drawing at the Sept. 19 picnic.      NEED A MASSAGE????????      Well…. Don’t  miss  the  October  AARP  Meeting as the Opportunity Drawing will have one as a prize!!!!!   Hope to see you in October!

August winners were:
Jack Holder’s  –  Ron Combs
Dickey’s BBQ  –  Margaret  Schieck
Campbell Express  –  Fannie Young & Jean Stewart
Bag of Coffee  –  Marilyn Clough