President … Ken Schieck

National AARP continues to share current Covid-19 information every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. PDT; phone # is 855-274-9507.

Again, many thanks to Thelma Bridges and her telephone committee, who have contacted all our members every week checking to see if they are safe and have all the items they need.  A device as simple as a telephone can assist us in keeping our AARP bonds with each other.  It goes without saying that members who have email and phones should also keep up any contacts they have with other members.

Thanks to Paul and Sharon Levine, who hosted another Zoom general meeting on Tuesday, July 21; there were 30 attendees, including officers.  Please consider joining the next general meeting on Tuesday, August 18.  And remind fellow members to attend as well!  Just as we allow guests to attend three meetings without cost, we can allow guests to attend three of our Zoom meetings.

REMINDER:  As of the beginning of July, National AARP has cancelled all in-person AARP general meetings.  We will continue to hold our meetings using Zoom or other technologies until further notice.

National AARP wants to hear from you about what policies you think AARP should pursue to improve the lives of people as they age.  Send your ideas to

Please check our chapter’s website for information on positions with the Red Cross.

Thanks to Lynda Martinez, Sheila Bailey, Shelly Schwartz, Marilyn Clough, and Angie Jaggars for last month’s Glad Tidings and Jokes!