President…Ken Schieck

During November, we will celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving, one of our earliest American holidays. While we give thanks for our many blessings, let us remember the plight of the poor, giving generously to our favorite charity, and remembering to be generous to the victims of the natural disasters in our country this year as well.

The Board is going to develop an evacuation plan to handle such events as the fire drill at our general meeting last month; the plan will be presented to the Campbell Senior Center administration for approval. I think the drill went smoothly but we need strong guidelines to handle another one.

Marilyn Clough is writing a history of our organization, which is over 20 years old. If you wish to assist in this endeavor, please call or e-mail her. The completed essay will be presented to local community newspapers for publication.

Wesley Manor, a senior’s retirement center, is seeking a part-time receptionist for weekends/ holidays from 9am to 5 pm; pay is $15/hr. up to a maximum of 36 hours/month. Need excellent judgment and communication skills and ability to respond effectively to resident and physical plant emergencies. For further information, email

Birthdays in November include Marie Curie and Daniel Boone (Nov.2), Carl Sagan (Nov.9), Leonardo DeCaprio (Nov.11), Grace Kelly (Nov.12), Georgia O’Keeffe (Nov.15), Alan Shepard (Nov.18), Bill Nye (Nov.27), Jon Stewart (Nov.28), and Winston Churchill (Nov.30).