President…Ken Schieck

February is the month of valentines and hearts, snowstorms in the East and Midwest (and maybe the South!). Given the severity of this year’s flu bug, there may be fewer hugs and kisses going around. During February we also commemorate Black History. And, of course, the Super Bowl with Bay Area native Tom Brady playing in his eighth!

Events and birthdays in February include:

Feb 01, 1838 – Underground railroad established

Feb 02, 1653 – New Amsterdam, now NYC, incorporated

Feb 04, 1861 – Confederated States of America formed

Feb 07, 1910 – Boy Scouts of America incorporated

Feb 09, 1945 – US troops invade Iwo Jima

Feb 14, 1929 – St. Valentine’s day Massacre in Chicago

Feb 17, 1968 – Nation’s first 911 system went into effect

Feb 21, 1972 – President Nixon visits China

Feb 26, 1846 – Buffalo Bill Cody born in Iowa

Feb 27, 1922 – US Supreme Court upholds 19th amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote.

Approximately forty chapter members and guests attended the January holiday brunch at the Hometown Buffet in Santa Clara January 16. Many thanks to Paddy Wray, her committee and volunteers who pulled it all together. This particular Hometown Buffet offers active duty military personnel and veterans a discount every Monday. Check it out.

During the months of February and March as we prepare our tax forms, the national office of AARP reminds us to be aware of scams; having a trusted tax advisor and financial consultant is like money in the bank!