President…Ken Schieck

Last month, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and wore red. Some of us may have received unusual gifts, like the blinking heart necklace we got from our granddaughter. We found out later that it cost 14 cents!

This month, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and wear green; even though our general meeting is Mar. 21, feel free to wear green anyway. Those of us who are Irish will be thankful for the gifts our immigrant ancestors brought to this country: the English language, a 75% literacy rate and a wonderful talent for organization. Immigrants who came to the big cities after the Irish were the beneficiaries of their gifts, as they went through the sometimes painful process of assimilation. Even people like me, who have no hint of Celtic or British Isles ancestry, can celebrate as well; I went to Catholic school for nine years in the ‘50s/‘60s!

Don’t forget to attend the 6th annual Next Door Solutions benefit concert on Friday, Mar.10 at the Campbell United Methodist Church, 1675 Winchester Ave. Campbell at 7:30 pm. Cost is $20 at the door or go to

March is Women’s History Month and every day the San Jose Mercury News will profile women who have helped their communities and their country. Sounds like a good read!

Look for people to talk with before and after our general meeting. That courtesy keeps them coming and allows you to share the magnetism of our group.