Community Service … Leona Fails

The Psychological Tricks of Covid-19 Scammers:  While we are isolated by the virus, more people are vulnerable to deception.  The AARP Bulletin lists 4 ways to turn the tables on scammers:

1. Cut them off.

2. End suspicious online friendships.

3. Cultivate your real friendships who can be sounding boards on unusual offers.

4. Do your homework.

Visit to learn about the latest coronavirus scams.

Are You Tired of Those Telemarketing Calls?…Marlene Hruby

This works great! It saves me from answering at least five or six calls a day and it’s FREE on your landline! I see they now offer it for both Android and OIS phones with a charge of $1.99 per month. My phone rings once and then quits. I got three of those calls within half an hour last night. Go to and register you landline for free. You’ll love it!

The Latest Scam…Marlene Hruby

Don’t be fooled by callers pretending to be from PG&E! The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is receiving reports of a utility phone scam and warning residents not to fall prey to it. A caller, who pretends to represent PG&E, claims that your bill has not been paid and that your electricity will be turned off within minutes – unless you provide an immediate payment by using a prepaid debit card. PG&E will never call you; they send reminder bills. So just hang up on these scoundrels!