Legislative Report…Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

With the budget deadline (June 15) fast approaching, AARP’s top priority budget request is on the line. The LTSS Data Collection and Analysis budget request, which would appropriate funds to the Department of Health Care Services for the purpose of contracting with UCLA for collection and analysis of data on LTSS access and needs in California by incorporating questions from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) in the 2019-20 and 2023-24 survey cycles. A portion of these costs can be covered by federal Medicaid matching funds.

We are being asked to contact our Assembly member or Senator to vote in favor of the LTSS Data Ask when it comes up for a vote during the week of June 11. If any of us have Assembly member Kalra as their Assembly member (San Jose) a simple thank you will do. He is the Assembly Sponsor of this budget request.

We talked about this in April. Because of the shifting demographic (more of us oldsters and persons with physical and developmental disabilities as well as those with traumatic injuries who are surviving longer due to advances in medical care.), California needs to collect this data so it can accurately assess our needs and budget accordingly.

As far as the Farm bill is concerned, we still have our work cut out on that. Congress did vote it down……this time. However certain members are planning on a new vote…..soooo, we need to call, write or email our Representatives and demand, ask, cajole, request, enjoin, urge, whatever it takes, in order for our SNAP program to stay in place!