President – Ken Schieck

Those of us who are of a certain age will always remember June 6, 1944-D Day. I wasn’t around, but I graduated high school on the 20th anniversary of the attack (1964).
Other memorable events in the month of June:
June 4, 1989-Chinese government kills at least 300 people in Tianamen Square;
June 5, 1968-Bobby Kennedy is assassinated in Los Angeles;
June 6, 1978-Ca.lifornia voters pass Prop. 13 which curbs property taxes;
June 13,1971-N.Y.Times starts to print THE PENTAGON PAPERS;
June 18,1978-Sally Ride becomes first female astronaut;
June 25, 1876-Sioux defeat General Custer at the Little Big Horn in Montana;
June 25,1950-Pres.Truman commits US troops to South Korea;
June 26,1945-United Nations charter is signed in San Francisco;
June 28,1919-Signing of Versailles Treaty officially ends World War I;

June 30,1971-25th amendment is passed, lowering the voting age to 18.

Last month, I spoke briefly about the issue of ‘AARP Livable Communities’; I will be communicating with the State office in San Jose to bring more of these updates to your attention. Also, National Service Day will be coming during the summer, providing opportunities for service in the community. A happy summer to all members and their families.