Opportunity Drawing … Sharon and Paul Levine

Three Tickets for $1.00August 20, 2019

A Bellagio Restaurant

$50 Gift Card

In Campbell  (Thanks to Anonymous)

Pacific Catch Restaurant

$25 Gift Card

In Campbell  (Thanks to Anonymous)


$15 Gift Card

(Thanks to Anonymous)

Good Luck!

July Opportunity Drawing Winners:

Mod Pizza $25 gift card – Lynda Martinez

Blue Sky Restaurant $10 gift card – S. Flowerdew

Campbell Express – Leona Fails

Opportunity Drawing

April Drawing:

Three Tickets for $1.00 – April 16, 2019

MOD Pizza in Campbell $25 Gift Card
(Thanks to Angie Jaggars)

Best Taste Restaurant in Campbell $10 Gift Card
(Thanks to Angie Jaggars)

Mystery Prize (Thanks to Barbara Robinson)

Good Luck

March Opportunity Drawing Winners:

Blue Sky Restaurant winner was Helen Kao

The Garret winner was Kathy Mattingly

Campbell Express winner was Jane Seeds

Bouquet of Shamrocks winner was Paddy Wray

AARP Caregiving Workshops

Join Us for Conversations Around Caregiving!

AARP in San Jose is offering two workshops to help you learn how you can best prepare to care for your loved ones.

 Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. No one is ever completely prepared for the job, especially since caregiving is often a long-term responsibility that may become more difficult over time. Participate in one of the following workshops to gain new insights and resources to support you.

The sessions are FREE, but registration is required. Space is limited.

Date & Time:
 Thursday, March 7, 2019, 
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
 AARP San Jose Office
, 111 W. Saint John Street, 
Suite 410, 
San Jose, CA 95113

Register now for the breakfast workshop on Thursday, 3/7/2019:

Date & Time:
 Thursday, March 7, 2019,
 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
 AARP San Jose Office
, 111 W. Saint John Street
, Suite 410
, San Jose, CA 95113

Register now for the lunch workshop on Thursday, 3/7/2019:

Campbell Elementary School Volunteers

The Campbell elementary schools are looking for volunteers to work on reading with individual children at the school.  There may be other options such as yard duty or other subjects – i.e. math, history. Before you can volunteer, you need to get fingerprinted ($66) and also have a current TB clearance. If you are interested in getting more information, please contact:  Nancy_Tepperman@yahoo.com, or

call phone number listed in the Dispatch, for details.

Legislative News … Daniel North and Claudia Schott

Now that the government shutdown is at a “strategic pause,” we have work to do. AARP is urging us to continue asking our members of Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to protect SNAP and reject creating additional program barriers for individuals and families struggling with food insecurity. Basically, don’t let us go hungry.

You can get more information about CalFresh, the state program that is part of SNAP, that provides fresh food to low-income households, including seniors. This is one of the programs that will be affected. For more information about CalFresh, either call 1-877-847-3663 or you can go online to http://www.cdss.ca.gov/food-nutrition/calfresh or http://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/CalFresh  You can view a PDF of the CalFresh brochure at CalFresh_Senior_Bro_Eng.pdf or https://211sandiego.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/CalFresh_Senior_Bro_Eng.pdf sorry about all the webpages, everyone, but I can’t give you all a hardcopy of the brochures. You better hurry and give our Senators what for!

Of course, the “strategic pause” is only good until February 15th. If President Trump and Congress can’t come to a reasonable compromise, the shutdown will continue. As Trump’s approval rating continues to plummet, many Democrats are putting their names into the hat, including our very own Senator, Kamala Harris, and none other than Elizabeth Warren, an astute and incisive critic of the president.

“Harris believes that the time is now for us all to defend the American values of equality, decency, justice, and democracy — and her candidacy will be animated by her life’s work of fighting ‘for the people,’” according to a statement.

The list of possible Democratic candidates for the presidency is very long, senators from Hawaii to New Hampshire are adding their names. This looks to be a very interesting election. (But then, aren’t they all?)

Need Callers … Thelma Bridges

We need two new callers for AARP; you can call Thelma Bridges, at the number listed in the Dispatch, if your are interested. It’s a very simple job each month which would only take about 30 minutes of your time.  You get to know people and just remind them of the meeting each month.

County Communications Office, County of Santa Clara

Dear Neighbors,

Santa Clara County is expecting extended rain beginning Sunday, January 13 through Friday, January 18.  Rain and cold temperatures put people at risk for serious health conditions, including hypothermia, which is caused by dangerously low body temperature. Please share this information with those who may need it.

Daytime and overnight warming centers and expanded shelters services will be available starting Sunday, January 13 through Friday, January 18, 2019. For a printable PDF listing of facilities click here: http://bit.ly/WarmCenters1-2-2019.

For more information on shelter locations and warming centers around Santa Clara County, visit the County of Santa Clara Office of Supportive Housing at https://www.sccgov.org/sites/osh/NeedAssistance/warmingcenters/Pages/home.as

Please check on family, friends, neighbors and others who might be at risk of cold-related health conditions:

•           Older adults with inadequate food, clothing, or heating.

•           Babies or individuals with pre-existing medical conditions sleeping in cold rooms.

•           People who remain outdoors for long periods — the homeless, hikers, hunters, etc.

•           People who drink alcohol or use drugs.

If someone experiences a body temperature below 95° F, please get immediate medical attention.

•           Look for a warm room or shelter and remove any wet clothing.

•           Warm the center of the body first—chest, neck, head, and groin—using warm blankets.

•           Warm beverages can help increase body temperature, but DO NOT consume or give

            alcoholic beverages or try to give beverages to an unconscious person.

Older adults can be more at risk because they often make less body heat due to a slower metabolism and less physical activity.

People 65 years of age and older should take cold weather precautions:

Cold Weather Tips for Older Adults (English): http://bit.ly/2GMIjTa

Consejos para gente de edad avanzada durante temporadas de frio (Spanish): http://bit.ly/2RrwFS4

年長者過好寒冬的秘訣 (Chinese): http://bit.ly/2s1jQj0

(Vietnamese): http://bit.ly/2Ajuiqq


FEBRUARY 2, 2019 10:00 AM, Saint Frances Cabrini Church, 15333 Woodard Road, Between Bascom Ave. and Union Ave.; southside of Camden, San Jose, 95124

Coordinated by Willow Glen Post 318 The American Legion

This service is open to veterans organization, patriotic and fraternal organizations, and individuals who want to share in a tribute to four chaplains of differing faiths who, in brotherhood, gave their life so others may have a second chance at living theirs.
Their act exemplified the meaning of duty to their God and Country, and love of their fellow man. They were truly men of God who, in brotherhood, conscientiously made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow troops.

The four chaplains, of the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant faiths, were aboard the troop ship ATS Dorchester in the winter dark North Atlantic sailing toward England when a torpedo struck in the early morning hour of February 3, 1943. The ship sank within a very short period of time beneath the icy waters along with over 700 of the 900 aboard. Many of those who survived attributed their survival directly to the assistance and acts of compassion of the four chaplains aboard the ship that night.

Organizations are encouraged to bring their National Colors and unit banner for an opening ceremony procession and posting during the ceremony. Groups must bring their own flag stands for the posting of their colors. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Share in this remembrance and tribute to four men whose service to our men and women in uniform, in war and peace, is often forgotten.

Gene Fanucchi, Adjutant gbf22sj@aol.com

Tuesday, January 15, In Q80

Social Time 9:15 am Meeting 10:00 am

Leave clean clothing, bedding and nonperishable food for Sacred Heart on the bench outside. Please do not bring garage-sale-type items for Sacred Heart. Please bring books to share. Place these items on the first table: donations for the troops, new and used greeting cards in the box;; your volunteer hours in purple envelope.

SAVE THE DATE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19th 2019 For the AARP Annual Luncheon at

Mama Mia’s Italian Restaurant

The $26.00 price will include one of 4 entrees, salad, beverage, and dessert.

Entree #1 Lasagna baked in a meat sauce, served with zucchini
Entree #2 Garlic chicken served with pasta and zucchini
Entree #3 Fettuccine Prawns Alfredo in a cream sauce

Entree #4 Vegetarian selection penne primavera in a red sauce tossed with zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms in a marinara sauce.

The social committee will accept checks and your firm menu selection at the January meeting or by mail to Paddy Wray at her address in the Dispatch. Please write your menu selection on the bottom of your check, which should be made out to: AARP Chapter 5151.