President … Ken Schieck

A very happy and healthy New Year to all our members.  Among your New Year’s resolution, please provide Leona Fails a list of your volunteer hours for 2019 as soon as possible.

The month of January has some interesting celebrations:

January 1   — National Hangover Day

January 15 — National Bagel Day

January 29 — National Puzzle Day

On a serious note, additional historical dates:

January 1   — Betsy Ross birthday

January 2   — State of Georgia ratifies U.S. Constitution, 1788

January 6   — New Mexico admitted to the Union, 1912

January 9   — Richard Nixon born, Yorba Linda, CA, 1913

January 15 — Martin Luther King, Jr., born, 1929

January 18 — Ben Franklin born, 1706

January 22 — Lottie Williams of Tulsa, OK, first person to be hit by space debris, 1997

January 25 — First Winter Olympics games held, 1924

January 26 — Michigan admitted to the Union, 1837

January 29 — Kansas admitted to the Union, 1861

January 30 — Franklin Delano Roosevelt born, 1882

January 31 — Jackie Robinson born, 1919

Our chapter is still looking for someone to step up as head of a Public Relations committee, especially someone with a background in customer service and a deep knowledge of the local area.

Hope to see a lot of our members at the annual winter lunch on Tuesday, January 21, at Mama Mia’s.  Great conversation; great food.


President                Ken Schieck

VP/Programs          Paul Levine

Secretary                Fannie Young

Treasurer                Helen Soukoulis

Asst. Treasurer       Nancy Tepperman

Past President       Marlene Hruby

Annual Luncheon

NO General Meeting This Month

In place of the general meeting, we will have our Annual Luncheon on January 21 at

Mama Mia’s Restaurant, 200 E. Hamilton Ave. & 3rd Street

NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR.  Lunch will be served at 11:30.  Your hosts will be Paddy Wray, Margaret Schieck, and Barbara Robinson.  Great way to start the New Year!  Hope to see you there.