Legislative News … Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

Our action this month is to THANK our members of Congress for having voted in favor of HR 3, The Lower Drug Costs Now Act.  All of our local members of Congress (Representatives Anna Eshoo 408-245-2339, Ro Khanna 408-436-2720, Zoe Lofgren 408-271-8700) voted in favor of this bill.  We need to make sure that they know we are happy they voted in favor of it.

Since Congress is still on winter break until sometime in January, there is no new news, except the impeachment of the President by the House of Representatives on the 18th of December.  Now it goes to the Senate for the trial.

Speaking of which, the schedule for days in session for January and early February is predictably in flux because, absent an agreement, the Senate could convene six days a week for the duration of an impeachment trial against President Donald Trump.  The President has asked for an immediate trial.  The accusations of abuse of power and obstruction will be heard at that time.  Even though the House is Democrat led, the Senate is controlled by Republicans.

On that note, keep an eye on the trial; it should be very interesting.  Have a great new year!

Membership … Shelly Schwartz

As you know, our Chapter Membership dues run from January 1 through December 31.  Please complete the Membership Application in this newsletter, include your check. and send to me.  All information, including fee and mailing address, is on the Application.  Deadline for renewal is February 29, 2020.  If you have questions, please call or e-mail me at 408-379-8080 or no8ss@aol.com.


Jokes … Shelly Schwartz

The Forgetful Actor

An actor had been out of work for years because he always forgot his lines.  One day he got a phone call from a director who wanted him for an important part in a play.  All the actor had to say was, “Hark! I hear the cannon roar!”

Opening night arrived, and while he waited in the wings, the actor muttered to himself, “Hark!  I hear the cannon roar!  Hark!  I hear the cannon roar!”  The time for the entrance finally came.  As the actor made his appearance onstage, he heard a loud BOOOOM!  He turned around and said, “What the heck was that?”

= = = = = Three Men in a Bar = = = = = =

Three men were at a bar discussing coincidences.

The first man said, “My wife was reading a ‘Tale of Two Cities’ and she gave birth to twins!”

“That’s funny,” the second man remarked, “My wife was reading ‘The Three Musketeers’ and she gave birth to triplets!”

The third man shouted, “Good God, I have to rush home!”

When asked what the problem was, he exclaimed, “When I left the house, my wife was reading Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves!!!”

President … Ken Schieck

I wish all of you Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and Seasons Greetings (hopefully, I didn’t forget a greeting).  Let’s do what we can this holiday season to assist those who are less fortunate than ourselves with our prayers and material offerings which should also be given after the holiday season.

Look for more information from Angie on a late winter food drive at the next general meeting.  Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the winter lunch next month on January 21 at Mama Mia’s.

In order to provide the public with information about our local chapter, I am planning to speak on local radio and TV; if you would like to share a spot with me on either venue, please let me know.

At our December 17 general meeting, we will be honored with Liz Gibbons, a chapter member, administering the oath of office to our Board and Committee members for 2020.  I want to again thank the chapter members who volunteered to take on assignments for the first time:

Paul Levine-Vice-President, Helen Soukolis-Treasurer, and Nancy Tepperman-Asst.Treasurer

I know some of you won a subscription to the CAMPBELL EXPRESS during recent opportunity drawings, and you have not received it.  Please know that I am trying to take care of this.  My phone call and email have not been answered, so I will make a personal visit.