Legislative Report … Daniel Nnorth and Claudia Schott

Now that the House has passed their version of the Farm Bill, it has quite a few stipulations that aren’t sitting well with anyone in the Senate……bipartisan negotiations fell apart in the House as Republicans embraced food stamp work requirements bitterly opposed by House Democrats and Senators. Under the controversial House food stamp plan, most adults would have to spend 20 hours per week either working or participating in a state-run training program to receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides an average payment of $125 per month to 42.3 million Americans. I wonder if this includes Senior Citizens….? It’s not like we aren’t already working and can’t make ends meet. So, if you don’t work, you don’t eat? What if you CAN’T work? (FYI, there already is a sensible program in place, helping people get training and finding work. It just doesn’t take food stamps away if we aren’t working.)
Now Republicans on the House Agriculture Committee are adding a different “work requirement” to SNAP. In fact, the legislation would deny food assistance to the unemployed. People who through no fault of their own could not find work, or enough hours of work, would become ineligible for the program. They would miss out not only on a paycheck but on food too.
“The things that they have in [the Farm Bill] are mostly to hassle people that are on SNAP. That’s really what it’s about,” Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, said. House Democrats and Senators in both parties have vowed to vote against a plan some say will unfairly increase red tape for low-income Americans.
But House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway, R-Texas, said he would defend the provisions during conference committee negotiations, arguing it would be bad politics in an election year for lawmakers to oppose changes aimed at moving people into the workforce.
There is a sense of urgency here. Both versions of the Farm Bill need to be compromised on and renegotiated into one bill to pass both Houses by September. Then it still needs to go to the president to sign. If the new bill does not go into effect by September 30th, and the old law is not extended, a lot of programs will lose their funding, including SNAP. So right now we are all holding our collective breath: farmers, ranchers and food stamp recipients, while the good Representatives of our United States duke it out, street brawl style, most likely. It had already come to that when someone included the family separation controversy…As it stands right now, the two versions of the bill are so far apart in ideology, that any compromise is seemingly unattainable.


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A book never written:

“Coming to America” by Anita Greencard.

Joke by Sam B., Hingham, Mass.


Alex: Where did our first president keep his mice? Will: Tell me.
Alex: Mount Vermin!
Joke by Joshua R., Birmingham, Ala.


A book never written:

“The Star- Spangled Banner” by Jose Kanusee.

Joke by Jason F., Hillsborough, N.J.


Fred: Which famous person do you get when you make a wreath out of $100 bills? Joe: This one is a toughy.
Fred: Aretha Franklin! Joke by Kevin V., Monrovia, Calif.


George: Knock, knock.
Kent: Who’s there?
George: Sadie.
Kent: Sadie, who?
George: Sadie Pledge of Allegiance — it’s the Fourth of July!

Joke by Kent A., Lakewood, Ohio

JULY 17 IN Q80

Social Time 9:30 am Meeting 10 am
Leave clean clothing, bedding and nonperishable food for Sacred Heart on the bench outside. Please do not bring garage sale type items for Sacred Heart. Please bring books to share. Place these items on the first table: donations for the troops, new and used greeting cards in the box; your volunteer hours in purple envelope.

Lunch after Meeting:
Erik’s Deli Cafe
15495 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032 · ~ (408) 395-6363

Scams, Spams and Lies – How to avoid losing your money to fraud
Suzana Gal

Driver Safety Program

Wed.7/18. & Friday 7/20. 9:00am—1:00pm.
Rm Q80 Campbell Community Center
$15.00. for AARP members, $20.00 non-members. Review of safe driving habits.

Pre-registration is required.
To register contact Ron Berube At 408-926-9663.

Program … Gene Lennon

Can you believe the email announcing that you won the lottery? Is that really your grand-child calling you for help from a prison? Did a beautiful model from another country fall in love with you in response to your witty email?
If you want to hear answers to these questions, please come to a presentation by Suzana Gal from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Suzana Gal is the co-director of the Consumer Mediation Unit in the Santa Clara County DA’s Office. She graduated from the University of Bucharest with a degree in Romance Languages and Literature.
After several years of teaching, she became a mediator in 1987 and has mediated community disputes, all types of civil consumer transactions, provided consumer advice to the public and has spoken on consumer issues with various organizations in Santa Clara county. She is a former vice president of the California Consumer Affairs Association.

President’s Message … Ken Schieck

As I said at the general meeting in June, I would list the most common suggestions you have given, along with our suggested solutions. I plan to spend some time during the general meetings in July and August talking with membership about these.


1) Extend social time prior to meeting
2) More entertainment specialists instead of speakers
3) More speakers who discuss positive aspects of aging
4) More ‘historical’ speakers (e.g. the lady from the Los Gatos Museum)
5) More information on various ways service animals help their owners
6) Keep members updated on services/talks provided by local libraries
7) Ensure that speakers have handouts 8) Ensure the progress of the website
9) Look for ways to recruit members
10) Rotate volunteers whenever possible


1) Open social hour to 9 or 9:15 AM; we cannot extend after 11:30 because an exercise class starts around 11:45

2) Entertainment can be prohibitively expensive, but our vice-president will continue to look; suggestions gratefully accepted.

3,4,5) Programs and speakers are also your responsibility; if you want to hear information on a particular topic, maybe you know someone who would like to speak to the group; if so, please contact Gene Lennon.

6) We will try to contact libraries in the Campbell Area and ask them to send information about their activities

7) Some speakers prefer using PowerPoint or other presentations

8) We have 3 members dedicated to the website

9) We need a public relations person to contact existing advertising sources and explore new ones

10) All members are invited to attend monthly board meetings to find out what plans are being made for outreach and volunteer effort. We will also look for ways to rotate volunteers at the general meetings.